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JOLA Testing are leaders in mobile drug & alcohol testing, policy writing, workshops and support services.

Here at JOLA we provide a variety of testing methods and support services to large and small business alike,We specialise in drug and alcohol testing within the workplace and offer ongoing support for any positive tests registered.

We believe this is the best way to help business to  protect their company image and employees alike.

Why not see how Jola Medicals courses can run alongside the testing programme to best support your business moving forward.

Contact us today to find out how JOLA Testing can help and support your business/sports club.

Our Aim

Is to provide our clients with a legally defendable testing programme. 

Supply both managers, supervisors and employees through our workshops the information they need to help understand the effects of substances on the body. Also how they can effect safety and productivity within the workplace and home life.

Support all parties following a positive test result.


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Working with Business to support their staff